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Maratón Internacional Lala

22/10/2015, por Corpore


Maratón Internacional Lala to be honoured with the 2015 AIMS Social Award in recognition of unique dental initiative

THE world running organisation the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) is delighted to declare the Maratón Internacional Lala from the City of the Torreón of the Lagunera Metropolitan Region, Mexico as the 2015 recipient of the AIMS Social Award.

The award, which highlights races working towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals*, will be presented to the successful Mexican race during the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Awards Gala, to be held in the home of the marathon in Athens, Greece on Friday 6 November.

The eight Millennium Development Goals include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, combatting disease, decreasing child mortality, promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women and ensuring environmental stability.

Since the 25th anniversary of the Maratón Internacional Lala in 2013, under the slogan of “Running for a Cause”, social initiatives have been chosen each year to receive money from fundraising efforts.

In 2015 the marathon chose The Club Rotario del Campestre de Torreon, which supports the Hospital Infantil de la Region in raising money to help children from low income areas who need dental surgery. Money was raised through donations made at the point of registering for the race. Runners were also encouraged to raise sponsorship to support the cause. In total, 86 runners raised sponsorship and wore a different coloured race number so spectators could identify and support them. ‘Lala’, a dairy conglomerate based in Torreón, Mexico and whose charitable foundation ‘Fundación Lala’ operates the marathon matched the amount raised through sponsorship. The amount raised by this initiative was $497,672 pesos (US $30,039) which funded 50 surgeries for children with severe dental problems.

The first edition of “Running for a Cause” in 2013 saw runners volunteering to support one of 15 chosen charities dedicated to supporting children in a vulnerable situation. Runners were encouraged to raise sponsorship to support the chosen charities, to which the Foundación Lala donated an equal amount to the sponsorship received. $474,282 pesos (US $28,628) was raised through sponsorship of runners and split equally between the 15 charities. 

In 2014, nine charities that work for the benefit of elderly people participated in a similar way and $354,000 pesos (US $21,367) was raised and split evenly among the participating charities. As in 2013, Fundación Lala matched every donation made through sponsorship.

Paco Borao, President of AIMS comments: “I am very happy to see the wonderful work done by the Maratón Internacional Lala recognised with the AIMS Social Award. Their fundraising efforts towards a variety of causes especially the dental initiative this year really embodies the spirit of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. I look forward to seeing them receive their award in the home of the marathon in Athens, Greece at the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Gala.”
Luis Rey Delgado Garcia, Race Director of the Maratón Internacional Lala comments: “We would like to thank AIMS, their sponsors and members for recognising us with the AIMS Social Award. We are very proud of our “Running for a Cause” ethos and the support of our runners raising money for worthy causes. We are looking forward to visiting the home of the Marathon in Athens, Greece to receive the award.”

About the AIMS Best Marathon Runner Award Gala
The purpose of the BMR Award Gala is to:
I.          Announce and honour the best male and female Marathon runners of the year through the AIMS BEST MARATHON RUNNER (BMR) Award. The BMR Award replaces the AIMS World Athlete of the Year Award.
II.         Recognise and honour exceptional Marathon figureheads and personalities for their contribution to the development of the Marathon movement.
III.       Publicise and promote the best practice and initiatives of AIMS members (390+ race organisers) through the establishment of special environmental and social awards.
IV.       Enhance the role, programs and services of AIMS.
The event will be staged in Athens, Greece on Friday 6 November 2015.

About AIMS
AIMS is a member based organisation and since being established in 1982 has grown to a membership of more than 390 of the world’s leading distance races, from over 108 countries and territories. AIMS Members come from every continent on the planet and include the Athens Marathon, The Authentic formed on the legend of Pheidippides, the Greek soldier-runner who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce the Persians had been defeated in the ‘Battle of Marathon’. Other AIMS members include many of the world’s greatest distance races in history such as the Berlin, Boston, Chicago, New York & Tokyo Marathons. The three key objectives of AIMS are:

1.         To foster and promote distance running throughout the world
2.         To work with the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) on all matters relating to international road races.
3.         To exchange information, knowledge and expertise among members of the association
* The United Nations Millennium Development Goals
The eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals are:

  • Goal One: Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger
  • Goal Two: Achieving universal primary education
  • Goal Three: Promoting gender equality and empowering women
  • Goal Four: Reducing child mortality
  • Goal Five: Improving maternal health
  • Goal Six: Combatting HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Goal Seven: Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Goal Eight: Developing a global partnership for development

For further information on AIMS please visit: 

For further information, please contact:       

Peter McLean, Director of Public Relations
Association of International Marathons & Distance Races
C/o PMPR Excellence Ltd,
Windsor House, 15 Kirklee Terrace,
Kelvinside, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 0TJ
Tel: 00-44-(0)-141-357-2516
Email: [email protected]

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